Afloat in Sullivan Bay

Wildfire smoke grayed the skies as we motored, for about two hours, from our anchorage in the Muirhead Islands and back through Drury Inlet, to the charming floating village of Sullivan Bay. During the summer tourist season, the marina offers various services to boaters, including a general store, fuel, laundry facilities, a restaurant, etc.

The structures in the village, built on floats, are connected by docks. You can seen Braesail at the dock in front of the tree-covered hill.

The currents we encountered during our journey were quite benign, as we’d expected, since we had consulted the tides-and-currents tables for schedules prior to our departure (as we always do). There WAS a fair bit of water-borne organic debris, as there often is, including a number of “drift-log buses” carrying neatly-dressed seagull passengers. A blue-gray haze drifted around the higher hills and cliff faces as we traveled, but I didn’t detect much smoke by smell or through levels of eye-irritation. The evening skies were an unnatural pinkish red, however.

A helpful gentleman met us when we arrived at the Sullivan Bay Marina and told us that visitors were not supposed to dock in the area served by StarLink, but he very kindly allowed us to tie Braesail there anyway, and we were very grateful! We explored the small general store, I walked around the docks to admire the shops, the restaurant, and the homes, all built on floats, and the cheery flower-filled planters, and Walt set up WiFi so that we were able to join our son, in Vancouver B.C., and some other friends (one in Virginia!) in singing the Service of Compline using Jamulus software. It means a great deal to us to be able to join together in worship in this way!

If you look back over the last half-dozen posts, you’ll see more and better photos–hope you’ll enjoy them!

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