Exploring in Drury Inlet

A shiny, cloudless, nearly windless Friday afternoon (September 9) proved to be an excellent time to take Coracle around the bays, coves, nooks, and bights along this part of Drury Inlet. We took the dinghy along rocks and creeks near shore; past a logging dock and a line of logs on which a number of seals were sunbathing; up near some rapids at the mouth of a tidal lagoon that were splashing and foaming along (we did not get close enough to be swept up and over the rapids by the current!);

Tidal rapids (the white line) near England Point Cove

around our own anchorage and then another cove in which an old beached barge’s deck is becoming the home of a garden containing grass, ferns, blooming fireweed, and a small pine tree, among other plants;

The barge garden in a cove

into and around large, open Creasy Bay, which is lined with huge granite faces and with hills bearing the fresh, ugly wounds and the older, still-unhealed scars of timber clear-cuts and has current logging facilities at its head;

Creasy Bay–taking photos from a bobbing dinghy leads to slanted sea surfaces–sorry!

through the shallow, rock-strewn water around an island;

Such a pretty little island!

and after well over an hour, back to Braesail.

Braesail anchored in wooded England Point Cove

We had a splendid time on a spectacular summer day!

A thick white eraser of fog had obliterated all the scenery in our cove this morning (Saturday, September 10) by the time we’d climbed out of bed, and so we enjoyed a waffle brunch and caught up on some chores. We will motor back through Drury Inlet to the Muirhead Islands this afternoon and find a spot in which to drop our anchor.

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