Worship, chores, and new friends

The Prince Rupert Harbor fog horn sounded early on Sunday, August 21, but by the time Walt and I had made the 3/4-mile hike to St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral, some blue was creeping into the sky. Walt practiced the pipe organ for an hour and played for the Eucharist, presided over by the Diocesan Bishop in the absence of the Dean, whom we had met during our last visit to the Cathedral some six weeks ago. Our new boating friends, Tom and Michelle, with whom we have a great deal in common, did attend the service, everyone enjoyed Walt’s playing, and we had great visits with the parishioners and the Bishop during coffee hour. It’s such a blessing to be a blessing to others!

Walt and I next descended many flights of stairs from the hilltop Cathedral to the downtown area and filled six sizeable shopping bags with provisions for the next several weeks. A taxi drove us, the food, and Walt’s backpack from the Safeway back to the docks for a very reasonable sum, and I spent the rest of the afternoon stowing the provisions and processing the three bags of laundry that had accumulated over the previous three weeks (using the Yacht Club’s excellent machines cost only $6 for washing and drying two loads–it cost me $11 for doing the same amount of laundry in Juneau!). Michelle and Tom came around and tried out one of our folding bicycles and liked it very much, and then Walt, Tom, and Michelle went off to the Wheelhouse Pub for beer and conversation (I am NOT a beer-drinker) and had a splendid visit.

Back on Braesail, Walt continued the research and planning involved in the identification of possible routes and places to visit over the next month that he’d begun earlier, and I put away the laundry. Michelle dropped by later with some pink salmon that they’d caught, and we gave her a tour of Braesail and had another good visit. We have exchanged contact information, and are very happy to have made some great new friends!

Today (Monday) we move on, probably through more fog . . . it’s been wonderful to be back in Prince Rupert with its lovely church, murals and flowers, and fine facilities!

Beautiful begonias near the “rainbow bridge” in the Cow Bay section of Prince Rupert on a fine afternoon
Flowers near the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club offices and docks

One thought on “Worship, chores, and new friends

  1. I so enjoy reading about your journey, research and new friends. Thank you. The service sounds lovely, I would have enjoyed being there.
    Walt and I just returned from a rehearsal of the “Pie Jesu” from the Durufle Requiem. Naomi is singing it this Sunday, and I get to play. Dongho, of course, is playing organ. Walt just came along to listen.
    Blessings, peace, love, and safety,


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