Suddenly SUMMER!

Today (Thursday, August 18) was the first day of our 19-week journey during which temperatures rose above 70 degrees F. (a very abrupt and thus somewhat challenging change in the weather)!

Leaving Kasaan on Thursday morning–view of the shoreline from Braesail’s deck

We left Kasaan under partly cloudy skies and could see bands of fog in the distance, but arrived in Ketchikan about five hours later having avoided the fog and having actually SAILED for about an hour and a half in 12-15-kt. winds. What a treat!

We encountered only a little trouble tying up in the Bar Harbor North marina because, once again, the wind was doing its best to shove Braesail away from the dock, but once the boat was secure and we’d had a snack and donned cooler clothing, we set off to walk and bus to the Ketchikan post office to pick up two packages, a medication refill for me and a temperature gauge for the engine’s alternator for Walt to install. He was also expecting a SIM card for his smartphone that had supposedly been sent via FedEx to an outlet in a shopping plaza, but THAT item had not arrived as promised (2-day air) and was still in Memphis–SIGH! Walt will simply cancel his order and buy a TELUS card for use in Canada when we arrive in Prince Rupert (Saturday night?) (SIM cards are computer chips that hold information and allow the user to connect with a network.)

We rode the free shuttle bus from the plaza to the cruise ship docks and tourist area and dined at Annabelle’s Famous Keg and Chowder House–the food was very good, and we took leftovers back to the boat for future consumption.

The tourist area of Ketchikan, with Annabaelle’s on the left and Walt sitting at the right and checking bus schedules on his smartphone

Back on the boat, I took our rubbish up to the dumpsters on shore while Walt changed the filters in the Spectra (desalinator) and installed the temperature gauge. Tomorrow, we plan to travel to the village of Metlakatla on Annette Island if we can find a spot on the dock there. Will we wear our “summer clothes” again?

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