Sunday in Auke Bay

Because Statter Harbor in Auke Bay, northwest of Juneau’s downtown harbors, is closer than is Douglas Harbor to the ferry terminal from which we’ll depart on Wednesday for a trip to Skagway, and to a Fred Meyer store where I need to pick up a prescription, and to a COSTCO, and to a laundromat, we decided to spend about 4.5 hours today (July 31) motoring there. The distance is about 30 miles by sea because of the need to go southeast from Douglas Harbor, around the tip of Douglas Island, and then back up the western side of the island to Auke Bay on the Alaska coast. We traveled, with the assistance of radar and our horn, through heaps of fog and short bursts of rain, and I was again kept busy with windscreen clearing duties. The harbor in Auke Bay can be a difficult one in which to find a berth because of heavy fishing boat and tourist boat traffic, but we were told that a number of boats were out of the harbor today, and we were able to find a spot right away and to dock without difficulty.

After dinner, we cleaned out and defrosted the refrigerator and freezer and repacked and organized their contents, and on Monday we hope to shop and do the laundry. I have managed to catch up my email reading and blog post writing, but I wasn’t able to photograph the mountains and waterfalls near downtown Juneau, or other scenes, because of persistent fog and rain; I’m therefore adding a few photos from our Tracy Arm travels, when the weather was superb.

Waterfalls winding down from mountain snowfields in Tracy Arm
Returning from the glacier
So you don’t forget what icebergs look like
More icebergs
Mountains and waterfalls–again!
A close-up of some splendid blue ice sculptures, together with a snowy berg and some clear ice near South Sawyer Glacier
More amazingly blue ice . . .
. . . and another fascinating floating hunk to finish this post

One thought on “Sunday in Auke Bay

  1. I have a friend who used to drive a tour bus in Skagway for his summer job. I asked what was on his list of attractions. His answer is below.

    Skagway was where a large portion of the gold miners disembarked from their ships and started up the trail towards the gold rush in Dawson City.

    As far as things to do in Skagway, I always recommend taking the train, especially if it’s a clear day. The views are incredible. The tracks were laid during the gold rush and closely follow one of the two main trails. The Red Onion is a fun tour of an original brothel too. There are still a lot of original gold rush buildings in town, so they can take a walking tour too.

    If they are really feeling adventurous, there are always great hiking trails around, including the Dewy Lake trail.

    Happy adventures and research.
    Peace, safety, love,


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