A whale of a time, and a gorgeous glacier!

Well, FINALLY, we saw humpback whales on Tuesday afternoon while motoring from the cove on Foot Island to a very lovely cove at the entrance to the Tracy Arm Fjord! There were several whales and they were at great distances from us, but we saw their spouts of spray and their small, dark dorsal fins as they dove. Yesterday, while we were motoring through the turquoise glacial waters of Tracy Arm after spending over an hour near the face of the incredibly blue-beautiful South Sawyer Glacier, we saw one whale spout, breach (surge out of the water), flip his tail, and then rise again to slap the water’s surface repeatedly with a large fin–wonderful!

Here are some photos from our trip up Tracy Arm to South Sawyer Glacier. The ice’s blue color is a result of its high density.

Mountains watch “bergie bits” floating by
A few more icebergs in Tracy Arm
Part of the iceberg “slalom course” in Tracy Arm
The South Sawyer Glacier in all its glory
The floating ice near the glacier
A sparkling mound of clear blue ice

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