A sea filled with azure ice

On Saturday afternoon, Walt and I boarded another jet boat that took us and 11 other passengers to Le Conte Bay, about 20 miles southeast of Petersburg, at the end of which the breathtaking 150-ft.-tall Le Conte Glacier looms like a towering blue-and-white ice castle above the opaque turquoise water. On the way to the glacier, we stopped to see pictographs on a rock face and to draw VERY close to a waterfall (our boat was able to bring us within inches of the rocks down which the water poured), and as we drew closer to Le Conte Bay we encountered more and more “bergie bits”–pieces of floating ice in every size and shape imaginable, as if a glass blower in their studio had let their imagination run completely wild ! We stopped RIGHT beside several icebergs and could touch their surfaces.

Icebergs large and small
A close-up of the berg above. I see two faces, one above the other, with the bottom face sporting a beard on a jutting chin.
More icebergs, some opaque and the one at the bottom right transparent, like clear glass
More fascinating ice sculptures
Icebergs of many sizes, with gauzy streamers of mist drifting along the hills on shore

In the next post, I will provide pictures of the glacier, a nearby waterfall (one among dozens), and seals and their pups resting on the ice floes.

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