Meyers Chuck (not steak)

Today we pulled out of the docks in Ketchikan at about 0930. A quick put-put put us at the fuel dock where I experienced the fastest fill up we’ve ever had–65 gallons of diesel in less than five minutes. They must be used to filling fish boats and tugboats!

After the fill, we headed north through Tongass Channel across Behm Channel (the other end–it circles completely around Revillagigedo Island) and into Clarence Strait. We had good winds right up our stern in Tongass Channel, but there just wasn’t enough room to sail in the traffic: two ferry boats, two Canadian forces ships (invading southeast Alaska, with hope of making it part of BC, no doubt), and a cruise ship. That didn’t count all the other smaller boats! Once we got out into Behm Canal, we were able to sail for an hour or so (at nearly 8 kts. over ground–this boat can really move when you roll the sails out!).

We dropped hook in Meyers Chuck in 60 feet of water. There was a reason I added 200 feet of nylon rode to the 200 feet of heavy chain connected to the anchor. It makes 3+:1 scope in these depths much more doable!

Tomorrow, we head to Wrangell.

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