“Your item is in a facility in Canada!”

A few days ago, the thermostat, which Walt ordered on June 17 from a store in Seattle, had been tracked to Toronto, where it supposedly cleared customs. The latest message informs us that it is “in Canada,” which is a pretty big place! Do they know where Toronto is? At least it hasn’t been sent back to the US or to Greenland or somewhere!

Saturday (July 2) was baking day here in Welcome Harbour, where Braesail has been the only boat for most of the time since our Wednesday arrival (one other sailboat shared the anchorage on Thursday). Walt baked his bread and it’s excellent! I baked four-ingredient peanut butter cookies (1 cup of crunchy peanut butter, 3/4 cup of granulated sugar (monk-fruit sweetener in this case), 1 egg, and 1 tsp. of vanilla), and the 20 cookies turned out well.

Walt’s fender-step patch seems to be holding; he inflated it and we will see if it remains firm. We won’t need it until we have to climb down from Braesail’s deck to a dock next week. We did a lot of reading, and again shared our meals on the cockpit’s folding table on a day that was glitteringly sunny but not warm–the little breeze that stopped by now and then to ruffle the surface of the water was quite cool.

This morning (Sunday, July 3), things in the bay look rather different.

Another photo of the many islands and rocks in Welcome Harbour, this time on a foggy morning

Fog has hung soft, gauzy-gray veils over the shores, the islands, the rock clusters, and the surface of the sea. I’m glad that we don’t have to travel today, although with AIS (the Automatic Identification System that transmits a ship’s position so that other ships are aware of its location) and radar, Walt could navigate safely if he needed to do so. He made carrot muffins for brunch, and we will have another comfy reading/writing day.

One thought on ““Your item is in a facility in Canada!”

  1. Hello Lorelette and Walter,I do hope your thermostat actually arrives and in a timely fashion.  We’ve had some interesting experiences with deliveries and we’re in a house that has been at the same address for over 50 years! I do enjoy reading about your travels.  Our trip to SF was wonderful and busy.  Best of all was having everyone together, interacting and just enjoying each other’s company.  Matt added it up thusly, 6 Schwedes, 3 extras, and 4 kids.  The extras are spouses and the kids are the grandkids, of course.  We also learned that Cat and Jared are expecting in late December. This will be Cat’s parent’s first grandchild. They are very excited. 3 extras and 5 kids next time we get together.  I hope it will be less than 4 years from now. 

    Our generally aloof cat was glad to see us when we returned even though we did have a daily ‘cat sitter’ come in.That and the strawberries and zucchini that need picking and weeds to pull, practice to accomplish are what we have next. Love, blessings, safety, peace and joy,Bette


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