A more perfect day in Queen Charlotte could not be imagined!

Today was a long-awaited festival day in Queen Charlotte, with food, games, arts and crafts, music, and a parade, and Walt and I loved being part of it! We’d arrived on Friday afternoon after a comfortable 7.5-hour motoring trip north from Thurston Harbour that took place mostly under overcast skies, featured some splashing by seals near the bow of the boat, and ended in sunshine, and after docking, we walked to an excellent restaurant, The Black Tail, for a fine supper.

Gently-mauve mountains join me in enjoying this Friday evening view of the village of Queen Charlotte at high tide

We had spent two quiet days in Thurston Harbour while I regained some energy after finding myself extremely tired and listless and wanting to do nothing but sleep, and we decided that I’d probably been consuming too little fluid. So, having increased my water intake, I’m now feeling much better, and by Thursday (June 16) I felt able to visit two more of the “Watchmen Sites” within the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve: the one on Tanu Island and the K’uuna village (Skedans) site on Louise Island. More about that when I return to this post and add pictures. The sites, to which we motored in Coracle after anchoring offshore, and the kind and informative Watchmen were fantastic!

This morning, an absolutely glorious one,

View over Queen Charlotte at very low tide

we rented a car after a big public breakfast in the Community Center, picked up some groceries, watched the parade, and drove the short distance to the town of Skidegate to spend the afternoon at the beautiful and well-designed Haida Heritage Centre, at which we learned a great deal about Haida history, art, and culture, and about the geology and flora of Haida Gwaii.

Exteriors of the interconnected Longhouse-style buildings that form the Haida Heritage Centre: the Greeting House, Performing House, Eating House, Canoe House, Trading House, and Saving Things House
Pole looking out to sea from the front lawn area of the Haida Heritage Centre
A close view of one of the Haida Heritage Centre’s decorative poles

Tomorrow we plan to drive to the northern coastal to the town of Masset to attend the Anglican Church there and see the central part of Graham Island.

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