What a welcome respite!

The sun finally found Haswell Bay this afternoon (Saturday, June 11), warmed our “sun porch” (the cockpit), provided some photons for our solar panels to use to charge our lithium batteries, and made it possible for me to take a few photos.

The entrance to Haswell Bay as the falling tide reveals the tips of a hedgerow of rocks at the right
A view of one of Haswell Bay’s wide shores, lined, like the entire bay, with old-growth cedars. You can see one of four sets of rapids (the tiny white scrape toward the left) that ring the water
A closer view of the largest of the small shoreside cascades whose laughing liquid music accompanied our stay in the bay

Walt and I had decided, after a very wet and windy night and morning, to stay here in the bay for the day and perhaps travel to Hotspring Island on Sunday if winds are manageable and we can see through the expected translucent curtain of rain. Reading, relaxing, writing, and napping in the warmth of the cockpit filled our afternoon, and now, as Walt prepares supper, the mist and rain have returned and I can no longer see the bay’s shores–bears are said to patrol them during the evenings, and I was hoping to catch a glimpse of some ursine activity. We may play backgammon again tonight; I lost twice on Friday!

One thought on “What a welcome respite!

  1. It’s about time you folks had some really nice weather! What a journey you both are on. Thanks for the updates as you go along.


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