Braesail has fallen off the digital edge of the world

Braesail filled up all her tanks, charged her batteries, readied her sails, and in scattered clouds, pointed her bow into the yet further north. At about 1:00 this afternoon, the last electron from a cell tower in Bella Bella fell, exhausted, to Braesail’s deck and quietly went to sleep on a sodium ion (a wave made it a little further, but it was too weak to make our antennas very excited). Braesail and her crew made it two hours further and dropped anchor in Boat Cove, an incredibly sheltered anchorage carved into the north-east corner of Cecilia Island, a little hunk of rock to the west of a wild and crinolated peninsula of the British Columbia mainland. It’s a pretty sheltered place–the channel coming into the anchorage was only 15′ deep, and that was on a 12.5′ tide. Tomorrow morning (on a 2′ tide) at 7:00 AM, there will be only 4′ of water there, and we draw 6.5′ so we probably won’t be able to leave until about noon.</p> As we were coming in we watched a pod of marine mammals hunt, though they were too far away to guess the species, and at the edge of Reid Passage, we watched a black bear fish, not 50 feet away from us. The bear ignored the boat coming by and focused on more important things.

We are now able to communicate digitally only by satellite. We’ve sent everybody who we think will need to get in contact the appropriate instructions to reach us. If you think you need to reach us and don’t know how, Martin Knowles has the info and can share. If you are outside the Knowles and Lein family orbit, you probably know Charlie Landis, and he may be able to help you.

Here’s the plan for the next three weeks:

Date Anchorage Notes

  • 06/03 Weeteam Bay Aristazabal Island
  • 06/04 Rose Harbour Transit Hecate Strait 75 nm
  • 06/05 Rose Harbour
  • 06/06 Sgang Gway (Fairweather anchorage only) D436
  • 06/07 Louscoone Inlet D425
  • 06/08 Ikeda Cove D432
  • 06/09 Bag Harbour D428
  • 06/10 Bag Harbour <explore Dolomite Narrows>
  • 06/11 Haswell Bay Transit around outside of Burnaby Island D423
  • 06/12 Ramsay Passage Cove <Hotspring Island> D422
  • 06/13 Muchison Island <Windy Bay> D420
  • 06/14 Echo Harbour or Stalkungi Cove <Tanu> D415
  • 06/15 Thurston Harbour <Skedans> D409
  • 06/16 Beattie Anchorage D403
  • 06/17 Extra exploration
  • 06/18 or
  • 06/19 Weather Days
  • 06/20 Distributed into above schedule
  • 06/21 Queen Charlotte Leave Gwaii Haanas
  • 06/22 Explore Moresby and Graham Is. by land
  • 06/23 Explore Moresby and Graham Is. by land
  • 06/24 Rest
  • 06/25 Transit to Larsen Harbour on the way to Prince Rupert

The “D” numbers are references to Douglass and Hemingway-Douglass, Exploring the North Coast of BC, 3rd edition (and probably only Ma rtin has a copy of it. Normal people don’t need a commentary on the CHS “Sailing Directions”, but it’s crucial for us!). </p> We will keep AIS running, and the Iridium Go! will send out hourly position reports which you can follow on our tracking web site.

The two attachments are our travels today and an overview of the whole area.

And to the accompaniment of the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams, we head “Toward the Unknown Region.”

One thought on “Braesail has fallen off the digital edge of the world

  1. Amazingly, I don’t actually have the Douglasses’ North Coast book, although I do have the Sailing Directions for that area in digital. CHS put the Sailing Directions for the whole coast up as PDF files some while back, and I considered it to be prudent seamanship to schlurp the whole thing onto my iPad.

    (Says he who has RVW in G Minor on repeat in his headphones at the moment, woodshedding some of the weird edges of the first bass part on the Credo in prep for singing on Sunday).


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