Harbored in Allison Harbour

Port McNeill (bottom right) toward Allison Harbour across Queen Charlotte Strait
Across Queen Charlotte Strait to Allison Harbor (upper left)

Braesail and her sleepy crew left Port McNeill WAY too early (7:30 am) this morning and motored for somewhat over five hours, passing through a number of “debris fields” of scraps of wood and drift logs of all sizes, to arrive here in another gorgeous anchorage. We and the surrounding islands, of which there were a great variety along our way, were the filling in a gray sea/sky sandwich until early afternoon.

Gray sky and sea and some wooded islands in Queen Charlotte Sound, with a thin drift log in the foreground
Small, rocky islands in front of forested islands, with Vancouver Island’s mountains in the background

Some of the islands near Allison Harbour reminded me of layer cakes, with sparkling white granite above black rock and a thickly-spread frosting of evergreens on top.

We spotted some dolphins on our way up Queen Charlotte Strait–their silvery backs arched briefly out of the water right next to the boat on one side and then on the other as if they were zooming and dancing around and under Braesail’s keel–a special treat!

The afternoon turned wonderfully bright and sunny, with millions of light-diamonds scattered across the surface of the water, and we spent a good portion of our time in the cockpit where we could hear the calls of birds and perhaps of some marine mammals (perhaps the dolphins we’d seen on our way here?); the sounds were loud and distinctive and reminded us of felines caterwauling. Fascinating!

A power boat rests at anchor in Allison Harbour as an alabaster mountain top “peaks” over the forested shore

Tomorrow we will head around Cape Caution, since winds are predicted to be light, and we plan to “drop hook” in Fury Cove, said to be a beautiful, well-protected anchorage.

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