Port McNeill: Motoring, dining, shopping, and GO!-ing

From Alert Bay on Cormorant Island (right) to Port McNeill on Vancouver Island (left)

We have the Iridium GO! satellite phone at last, and it WORKS! Now we can maintain at least some level of communication in remote places and can get the weather and sea condition information that we need.

The sun accompanied us on our hour-long motor trip from Alert Bay this morning (having to bid the town farewell made me sad!), and though winds were brisk and caused us some docking difficulties, it did NOT rain and we arrived safely in the late morning. We filled Braesail’s fuel tank, enjoyed lunch at the Devil’s Bath brew pub (I liked their interesting light beer made with wild salal berries, and thought it tasted rather like liquid sauerkraut–I LOVE sauerkraut!), did our grocery shopping at the local IGA store (we filled our folding cart quite well!), and picked up the new Iridium GO! at the marina office. HOORAY!

Walt spent most of the afternoon configuring the phone and testing all its functions, while I had a long smartphone conversation with my sister-in-law in Seattle. Later, in a shivery breeze, I carried our rubbish up to the dumpsters on the shore.

Looking across the harbor in Port McNeill from the shore on an overcast afternoon. Braesail is the large white sailboat in the center of the photo.

We plan to leave around 7 am on Friday to cross Queen Charlotte Strait and return to the islands along the north-central B.C. coast. We will probably anchor in Allison Harbour and spend as much time exploring in that area as we like, depending on weather conditions, of course. At some point we will round Cape Caution and continue north toward Shearwater.

While we are in remote areas, our posts will probably be shorter and will contain fewer pictures, as Walt mentioned in his recent entry, but we’ll do our best to share our travels with you! Thank you for your prayers for our safety!

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