Simoom Sound: A short post to follow a long one

Kwatsi Bay (upper right) to O’Brien Bay in Simoom Sound (upper left)

Rain greeted us again on Saturday morning. Being very NEAR uncountable waterfalls of all sizes produced the sound sensation of actually being UNDER one, and I’d found the “water music” wonderfully soporific, so sleep was peaceful. But waking to the prospect of constant window-clearing as we traveled was not entirely pleasant for me.

But a happy surprise–the further we traveled toward Simoom Sound, the brighter the skies became, and eventually I could gaze into the liquid mirror of the windless sea and imagine diving down into a blue sky and through soft, cottony clouds.

We motored past justly famous Lacy Falls that descends from the slopes far above Tribune Channel and pours into the sea across a granite slab,

Lacy Falls viewed from Braesail. The white streaks to the right at the base of the falls are not water but colors in the rocks.
A closer view of Lacy Falls; notice the two smaller falls to the right of the main cataract. For more views, look for images on the Web.

As we approached and then entered Simoom Sound, spectacular rock faces along the shores presented a series of amazing natural “murals” painted in fantastical combinations of charcoal gray, reddish-gray, rusty orange, creamy white, and tarry black that invited endless imaginative “readings!”

Above and below: Rock “murals” along the walls of Tribune Channel
What do YOU see in this “painting?”
What images appear to you in THIS photo? The floating sphere is the buoy marking the location of a shrimp trap, of which there are many to avoid as you travel over the water.

Once again, Braesail was the only boat in deep, quiet, tree-lined O’Brien Bay at the end of Simoom Sound. The waters around us reflected the green of their surroundings, and anchoring was relatively easy. Showers came and went throughout the afternoon and a few stray sunbeams dropped by now and then to say hello. Stocky little black-and-white sea-ducks (a variety of scoters?) skittered and clattered across the water’s surface from time to time. What a marvelously peaceful setting for a lovely, lazy afternoon and evening of reading and relaxing and discussing the next few days’ travels!

2 thoughts on “Simoom Sound: A short post to follow a long one

  1. Wonderful! Sometimes I see an eagle with a long beak or some human-like faces. God is THE BEST and MOST CREATIVE artist!


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