An aqueous anniversary (we began our trip one month ago today!)

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but our saloon is quite delightful!” It’s been raining with few breaks since Monday night–three full days now–and we “holed up” on Braesail here in Lagoon Cove for the day (Thursday, May 5) and stayed quite cozy. Walt worked on some the boat’s systems (refrigeration, holding tank level gauge, and water pressurizer) while I read, wrote and answered email, accomplished clean-up tasks, and re-learned how to plot a course for upcoming travels on the Navionics app on my smartphone and to use it to check times and heights of tides as well. We both consumed LOTS of tea!

In the late afternoon, I put on my rain gear and went for a walk, stopping to chat with the couple on the boat on the other side of the dock and with the marina’s owner in his office/small store. I climbed up the ramp to the bluff above the marina where there’s a huge workshop, one end of which is a gathering space filled with visiting vessels’ burgees,

Above: The boaters’ burgees in the old-fashioned workshop. Below: the items displayed along the workshop’s side and the bridge over the stream

and along one side of which is a fascinating collection of ancient maritime-related tools and parts.

I crossed the bridge and continued up the hill to the main house (the white and red one on the hill that you see in yesterday’s post), appreciating the beauty of the stream bed, the garden around the house, the meadow behind the house, and the view from it over Port Harvey. The rain didn’t seem to mar my photos to any great extent, but my hands were quite cold when I returned to Braesail’s saloon.

Above: the stream bed near the workshop. Below: the meadow behind the house on the hill with a ping-pong table, a burn barrel, fruit trees, and a wonderful view over Port Harvey. Rains such as our recent ones do nourish the lush greenery everywhere!

After supper, Walt and I discussed possibilities for the next few days’ travel, hoping that the predictions for a slightly drier day tomorrow might prove to be correct!

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