Refuelling — both boat and crew.

We made it to Powell River this afternoon, filled up the fuel tanks, filled up the fridge and freezer, and topped up the water tanks. Water has been a bit of a challenge, because the starboard tank fills (and empties) by very slight differences in tank level pressure, and I had a small leak in the port tank. All is now sealed up and it works.

Note: this post is a bit of a test; Marine Traffic doesn’t show our arrival in Texada or Powell River, and I want to make sure we can post from our phones to the blog when we have limited bandwidth.

4 thoughts on “Refuelling — both boat and crew.

  1. Yes, MarineTraffic has you in irons in the middle of Jervis Inlet between Fairview Bay Hut and Vanguard Bay. I guess I’m going to lose the fun of following you in almost real time.


  2. It very much is working, at least the receiver portion! It looks like we have two mountain ranges between us and Marine traffic’s closest AIS station. I’ll post more frequent transit reports as I have cell coverage.


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