Snuggling in Smuggler (or “Where to next?”)

After an easy stern tie, a quiet night, and awakening to a relatively sunny day (and 380 w coming off the solar panels, so that even with heat and refrigeration, we are charging the batteries), our intrepid crew’s thoughts turn to just staying put and relaxing planning the next phase of the trip north. One of the great advantages of sailing without a schedule is that we can travel according to whim rather than checking off days on the calendar. The only thing we have on the calendar is that we can’t go north of Cape Caution until May 1, because that’s the way our insurance is written. It’s a day and a half of (continuous) sailing or about eight or nine days of 20-30nm days to Cape Caution, so we are in no rush.

So what do we do until then?

The northern part of the Strait of Georgia

One of the main purposes of this blog is to share sights and experiences with friends and family. So let’s make it interactive. We could easily spend the next six months exploring the space between Halfmoon Bay (in the SE corner of the map, and just south of where we are in Smuggler Cove) and the Discovery Islands (East Thurlow and Stuart Island, in the upper center of the map), but we’d like to get further north. What do our readers think? There are two really obvious courses (besides just getting on with it), one down the Sechelt Inlet through the Skookumchuck Rapids, exploring the two fjords off the inlet, and visiting the town of Sechelt and the shíshálh Nation tems swiya Museum, and the other to head up Jervis Inlet to Princess Louisa Inlet—which we didn’t get to over New Year’s!

There are many more places we could visit, but what I’d like to know is where you’d like to visit through our eyes.

Leave a comment telling us where you’d like us to go and we’ll let you know where we are headed next, based on your suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Snuggling in Smuggler (or “Where to next?”)

  1. My friend David Dierdorff, who lived in and sailed out of Juneau for 20 years or so, says “My best memories are all north of Queen Charlotte sound and from there north to Juneau. Is he interested in going that far?”

    I’d say why not do it all? Does the lack of any traffic showing up on MarineTraffic north of Garden Bay mean you’ll be out of range up there? That would spoil some of my fun 🙂


    1. Also, I’m showing traffic on VHF all the way to Bella Bella. Satellite from there to Prince Rupert, but then I expect we will show on our satellite tracker in that space.


  2. Hello Walt. Charlie thought I might be of some help, but my trips through the Inland Passage south of Dixon Entrance have been rushed delivery trips, not lazy cruising. If you plan on going on to Alaska, I do have some experiences but no longer my logs, I do have a pretty good memory of special places, however. Whrn you’re ready I can share with you.


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