We aren’t going anywhere

It’s been blowing 10-15 kts this Monday morning, and predicted to rise further this afternoon. Prediction is from the SE, but we are seeing more NE, probably due to terrain. Spitting rain, for what it’s worth. We are getting all of about 60-75 watts from our (750 watts of) solar panels, so you guess how overcast it is. With the winds and tides, we keep an eye on our anchor alarm, which shows us that our anchor is holding just fine:

The green boat is Braesail. The dots are where the bow has been over the last 24 hours. Your guess as to what the anchor means.

We may need to move a bit, as we anchored expecting the predicted SE winds, rather than NE so we are a bit closer to shore than we’d like, but we’ll see.
And we saw . . .

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