Apples found!

A very quiet night in the Port Sidney Marina (no noisy percussion concert presented by energetic waves just outside the Captain’s Cabin this time!) brought us a peaceful, relaxing morning for reading and writing.

Sparkling sunshine encouraged us to grab grocery bags and go out for a walk around the marina (some of the huge boats docked there make Braesail look quite small), to climb the ramp to the shore,

The area above the Port Sidney Marina facilities, looking to the right at the top of the ramp (above) and then to the left (below)

and then to wander through colorful central Sidney to enjoy the tingly breeze-freshened air and the vibrant floral displays and to buy some amazing pastries (pizza croissants for lunch!), some items for use in the outboard motor recovery project, and some groceries (including the “forbidden fruits,” such as apples and oranges, that cannot be imported from the US). Occasional showers of rain mixed with hail made us glad to have worn foul weather gear as we wandered from shop to shop.

Walt’s afternoon project centered around making radar work properly on the main chart-plotter screen in the cockpit–a necessary safety feature when darkness, fog, heavy rain, etc. reduce visibility for the person at the helm! He had satisfactory success, though he would, of course like to perfect the integration of his various electronics systems even further!

Time to consider calling it a day. Snow showers may pay an overnight visit–we’ll see if the forecast is correct and to what sort of weather we’ll awaken on Palm Sunday morning.

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