Braesail is in the yard…

One of the great things about a boat that is twenty years old is that it has twenty years of cruising under her keel, and when she is as well cared for as Braesail is, that counts for boat wisdom, not wearing out!

However, if you want your boat always to be in top shape, there are times of major maintenance. This is one of those. Over the last month, we are replacing the standing rigging (all the wires that keep that 70′ mast pointing up), the halyards (the ropes that pull the sails up), and some of the running rigging (the ropes that control the sails). At the same time, we are replacing the keel bolts (Braesail has an iron keel that has 16 large bolts holding it onto the bottom of its hull) and doing bottom paint (we don’t want any barnacles to slow her down).

Since we can’t go sailing right now, we’ve upgraded our blog. It’s now at, and you won’t see any ads for toenail fungus prevention.

Throughout the blog, you might notice some comments about chartering. You too can have your own adventures on Braesail, and she is available all year long. Contact our friends at

Anacortes Yacht Charters

and take her out for a cruise. We also delight in bringing her back from the far-flung places to which you might sail her.

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