Thursday, September 20, 2018: Our last day at sea (sigh . . .)

Gray skies greeted us as we rose and prepared to leave Eagle Harbor. Walt and Joy had slept long and soundly, but I had been wakeful most of the night because of an extremely itchy rash that pops up here and there, usually at bedtime and again first thing in the morning, and baffles my doctor (I think it might be stress-related). By about 10:30 am we had detached Braesail from her mooring buoy and were motoring out toward Anacortes accompanied by our usual “non-wind.” We arrived at about noon, Walt backed the boat into her wide slip, and I helped to secure the lines. We consumed a sandwich lunch and then decided to take the little car ferry that carries passengers from Anacortes to Guemes Island (area about 8 sq. mi., population about 600), about a five-minute ride north of Anacortes (the island’s name is Spanish and so should probably be pronounced “Goo-EH-mes,”) but most people say “GOO-mies”).

We drove along all of the island’s roads, beside the seashores, through luscious forests, and past sweeping meadows and pastures and an interesting variety of houses (many with yards boasting apple and pear trees and healthy-looking gardens).  Sprinkles of rain streaked the Prius’ windshield from time to time, but did not mar the beauty of our surroundings.

After our lovely hour-long tour of Guemes Island, we returned by ferry to Anacortes and to the boat, where we took up our usual tasks of writing, reading, studying, and puzzle working. Walt napped briefly and then prepared an excellent stuffed pork chop supper, our last one on this trip, as raindrops fell like chilly tears, grieving the end of our two wonderful weeks in the San Juan Islands. We will play some games after supper as is our wont, spend the night in our comfortable cabins, and pack the Prius with our gear and the last of our food tomorrow for the return to Everett (Joy will fly back to Sacramento on Saturday morning). What a magnificent time we have had, enjoying God’s gorgeous creation and one another’s excellent company! Walt and I will be back very soon, working on Braesail again to prepare it for its next charters, and we will miss Joy very much!



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