Sunday, September 9, 2018: Back in Anacortes

Sleepers, WAKE! We woke at about 8 am as the wake from a passing power boat shook Braesail from her slumber. Skies and sea were an unfriendly gray as we began our return to Anacortes at around 9:30 am. Winds of over 25 mph whooshed through the rigging as we motored straight into them and the water became quite agitated, with one larger wave breaking from the foamy chop and splashing over Braesail’s port side, washing the windscreen and cockpit side curtains.

Given the strong, erratic wind gusts, we decided to call the Anacortes Yacht Charters office and request the deployment of some dock hands to assist with Braesail’s mooring. Walt had to try twice to maneuver the boat into her slip, but he and Martin and the two AYC hands made her secure without incident, and Joy and I were filled with relief and admiration! Martin packed his gear, made us all sandwiches for lunch, and then had to “ship out” in order to get his rental car back to the agency in Vancouver on time. During the dark, rainy, sleepy afternoon, Joy, Walt, and I took long naps, caught up on some reading and email, did a lot of chatting, and enjoyed an apricot-stuffed-pork dinner with juicy honeydew melon for dessert. We all played Quiddler, an entertaining game involving the formation of words from letters appearing on cards drawn from a deck, and Joy and I played Farkel (a dice game) before we three retired for the night, as the uneasy winds had done before us.

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