July 14, 2017: A quiet one-month anniversary day

Walt and I left the Everett  Marina for the Pacific Northwest Moody Owners’ Rendezvous at Ft. Flagler just one month ago, and I have very little to write about today; as a consequence, there is very little to read!

It’s been a mostly-sunny, somnolent, summery day in Squirrel Cove, which has acquired a substantial number of floating guests as the weekend begins. Walt spent most of the day reading, writing his conference presentation for the International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, and participating, as board chair, in a Society of Scholar Priests phone conference. He managed to nap in the aft cabin despite my carrying on phone conversations in the cockpit above. Joy, not feeling her best today, read, rested, and worked on various puzzles in the comfort of the cooler cabin. I read and returned e-mails; made my daily donations to charities via the GreaterGood.com and Freerice.com websites; looked up Pacific Yachting Magazine’s submission guidelines for authors; made good progress on a long overdue MacBook file clean-up; spent nearly an hour on the phone with my church-organist mom, who lives in the very uncomfortably hot small mountain community of Idyllwild, CA, and who will celebrate her 95th birthday on August 4; let the music of the nearby reversing rapids and the soothing breezes that tip-toed through the cockpit escort me to dreamland for a short while; and then spent about 45 minutes in a phone conversation with Terri, the wonderful woman who helps my mom with meals, household tasks, and transportation.

Dinner was a tasty vegetarian pasta dish, and after I performed my KP duties, Joy and I rested in the cool cockpit while Walt continued his work on his presentation. We played two short games of Yahtzee, and then Walt joined us for Hearts as we enjoyed tea, cocoa, and lovely chocolate-raspberry sandwich cookies purchased by Joy in Refuge Cove–he won by a large margin, as usual. Before finishing this post and preparing for bed a little after 11 pm, I climbed into the cockpit and said good-night to several stars winking shyly in the the gathering velvet darkness above the glassy sea.

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