July 9, 2017: So much for which to give thanks!

I woke several times during a very warm, very still Saturday night to hear raindrop fingers tapping softly on the hatch cover and cabin roof. We all slept a little late and shared cantaloupe as part of our breakfasts. The morning was cloudy and a good deal cooler and breezier than recent mornings had been with gauzy cloud scarves draping the peaks surrounding our anchorage and fresh-rain perfume scenting the air. Only a few boats were left in our “neighborhood,” and the falling tide again provided us with a view of layers upon layers of oysters clinging to the rocks.

We spent most of the day reading, relaxing, and napping as the clouds fled before the advancing sunshine, and appreciated the lower temperatures and the rambunctious breezes that scampered in and out of the cockpit and rippled the water, scattering glittering diamond dust all around them. Walt and I worked on removing the unsightly, stubborn adhesive residue left by tape that Walt had used last fall when he was trying to determine the source of a leak in the galley ceiling and taped plastic over the port lights on Braesail’s starboard side to help in the diagnostic process (the port lights proved not to be the source of the incoming water–the base of the hand grip on the cabin top needed many applications of a special crack-filling goop before the leak disappeared– but they will need some new caulk). We had tried a number of solvents and cleaners, and Walt finally found one (designed to remove bumper stickers from cars) that was effective, so he applied the liquid, waited for it to begin to dissolve the adhesive, and rubbed the spots with a rag, and then I followed him with a cloth soaked in dish detergent and water, rubbed some more, and finished with a clear-water rinse. Walt then used a power polisher/buffer to go over the surfaces again–what a difference!

Before a superb Sunday night steak dinner, I sat for a time sitting on the edge of the bathing platform and dangled my feet in the warm water; the breeze was quite cool and so I decided not to swim but simply to enjoy soaking in the beauty of my surroundings. We shared the Eucharist around the table in the cabin, and found a great deal for which to thank God, especially for His immeasurable love, for our health and safety, and for the magnificence of His creation!

The three of us played a great game of Hearts in the comfort of the cabin after daily clean-up, and closed the day with biscotti and tea–we’ll be leaving early Monday morning for Toba Inlet, new territory for all three of us.

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