June 27, 2017: Finally feeling a little more human

We awoke to a cool, overcast morning after a night during which small waves slapping against Braesail’s stern provided a rhythmic accompaniment to our slumbers. I slept quite well and found myself feeling a good deal better, and I was certainly thankful! After Morning Prayer and an instant oatmeal breakfast, we spent a peaceful day in scenic Eagle Harbor, enjoying the beauty of a mild day and listening to a wide variety of music recorded from our huge collection of CDs, Walt spent his time reading and working on boat-related accounting tasks at the navigation station desk, and I relaxed up in the ever-sunnier cockpit, completing and publishing the previous day’s blog post (after encountering substantial difficulties with adding a picture of Mt. Baker that I’d taken Monday afternoon) and reading. I didn’t feel the need to nap as much, and my senses of smell and taste returned from their “vacations” in time to enjoy a tortellini soup that Walt made for lunch.

Walt confirmed with the marine repair facility in Anacortes that we can bring Braesail in on Wednesday afternoon to have the bow thruster’s new gear box installed; while the boat is “on the hard,” we can take care of various errands in preparation for departure later in the day (we hope), possibly for Sucia Island once more.

Chef Walter served a fine dinner of tender pork ribs with tomato-and-garden-greens salad and baby potatoes, and while cleaning up the galley and dining table, I enjoyed the beautiful view to the east of Mt. Baker, swathed in a cotton-candy-pink alpen-glow that drifted into the waters of the harbor as well (I wasn’t quick enough with my camera to catch the colors, I’m afraid!)  I made hot chocolate to serve with biscotti for dessert as a soft lilac light bathed the skies, and looked forward to a restful night.

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