June 24, 2017: A peaceful day in the bay

How luxurious to sleep comfortably, wake early to use the head, and return immediately to slumber for another three hours! Saturday was a calm, bright, very warm day in Fossil Bay and we relaxed, read, wrote, enjoyed the beauty of our surroundings, and completed a few chores. Walt made Washington strawberry pancakes for a very late brunch, and we cleaned out and defrosted the refrigerator, reorganizing the contents for easier location. After we took naps in the cool of the “captain’s cabin,” Walt finished cleaning Coracle’s exterior where its name and registration number were to be affixed and put on the letters and numbers; he also repaired the catch on a gate in the lifelines through which one exits from the deck to a surface below. He made us a wonderful supper of grilled steak, cabbage, and zucchini, with little red and white potatoes on the side, which we consumed in the cockpit as we watched the light change in the sky and over the hills, shores, and water from azure to powder blue to cotton candy and lavender to lemon-gold to orange as the sun sank into the northwest.

I completed some long-delayed reading and email while downing diluted white vinegar and other beverages that I hope will drown an incipient cold (cough, a few snuffles, and some lower back pain), and looked forward to more recovery-promoting sleep!

Evening in Fossil Bay.jpg
Evening light on boats and shore in Fossil Bay
Geese in Fossil Bay.jpg
Can you spot a line of Canada Geese swimming along near the shore just left of the center of this picture?

2 thoughts on “June 24, 2017: A peaceful day in the bay

  1. So glad to hear that you had a rest from the trials of fixing and mending. Sounds like things have settled down and you are enjoying yourselves. We are finding your writing very interesting, entertaining, and it makes us want to get out there on the water, too.


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