June 20, 2017: Sunshine and charter boats

Today we allowed ourselves a late start from James Island; I’d awakened in the night to see the sky thick with stars, but the clouds had returned by morning. We began motoring toward Anacortes at about 11:30 after Morning Prayer and a pancakes-and-bacon breakfast, and arrived an hour later at Skyline Marina, where we had moored Sagres, our smaller sailboat, for many years–so many great memories! The sun had finally won its battle against the clouds, and the winds rose to applaud the victory just as we were docking, as often happens.

After tying up at the Fidalgo Yacht Club’s guest dock, we met and spoke with two representatives from Anacortes Yacht Charters about putting Braesail out for charter in 2018. They were quite impressed with our boat, its quality, and its many charter-friendly features, and are eager to add it to their fleet. They mentioned things we need to do and others that we do NOT need to do to prepare the boat, and we now have another long list of things to accomplish before next spring; marketing of the boat by the agency will begin this fall.

After lunch, I finished my blog post for June 19 and took an hour’s walk around the marina, looking at the boats, visiting a gas station convenience store, listening to the waves splashing the rocky beach with foam, discovering that the yellow lupine that line the roadways smell like a combination of sweet peas and spearmint, and enjoying the exercise under cloudless (!) skies. Walt awakened from his usual afternoon nap in time for us to enjoy chips and dip and pleasant beverages in Braesail’s bright, warm cockpit before our fine steak dinner was ready to be enjoyed in the same location–yummm!–meals taste better when eaten outside, I think! I worked on post-meal cleaning and caught up on reading and email and blog-post-writing while Walt struggled with the holding tank pump-out mechanism, and finally emptied the tank–hearty cheers!

Now it’s time to take a shower in the aft cabin’s head, and wander off to bed. Aren’t you relieved to have a short post to read this time?

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