May 7, 2017: More raccoons and some ropes

No, we did not suffer a raccoon invasion Saturday night, but slept well and enjoyed splendid, mostly-sunny Sunday! Walt celebrated the Eucharist for the three of us after a pancake brunch, and he and Martin spent a number of hours learning to splice loops into rigging lines (a rather complex and fiddly process!) and replacing old lines with new ones. I began work on our 2017 family newsletter, KnowlesNews, and did some much-needed cleaning of the boat’s windows (the “port lights”). While we were working, a kind gentleman from a neighboring boat came by with a plate of watermelon wedges–just what we needed as a mid-afternoon snack!

After a tasty dinner of chicken, couscous, and fresh vegetables prepared by Chef Martin, I went for a short walk on shore where a confab of Canada geese were wandering around the sweeping lawn near the campground and vociferously debating various issues with great honking and screeching (reminding me of certain political gatherings!). A bit farther away a graceful deer was standing quietly, ignoring the noise and enjoying a grassy evening snack. I saw no signs of raccoons. But later, while enjoying a late dessert of lavender ice cream and lemon wafers in the boat’s cozy cabin, we heard scuffling and scratching sounds on the deck, and we could see one and then two pairs of shining eyes peering into the window. We clapped and thumped and repelled the invasion, but the furry freebooters returned later still, and we decided that we had to bring the fender ladder up onto the deck so that the critters couldn’t easily climb aboard from the dock. This solved the problem, and we spent a quiet night!

A Canada goose and a deer wonder who might emerge from the house near the docks on Blake Island


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