May 5, 2017: Chatting, walking, napping, and eating ice cream

This day was one of passing showers, much cooler temperatures (highs in the mid-50s instead of the mid-70s), and strong winds and large waves outside the Kingston Marina that caused us to decide to spend another day and night in our sheltered slip. Martin arrived at 12:30 pm after having traveled from Vancouver BC on three different buses and a ferry. We spent the afternoon sharing news, taking long naps (Martin had risen at around 5 am in order to catch the bus south and was rather tired!), reading, responding to e-mail, listening to music, and generally relaxing.

In late afternoon, though the wind was quite chilly, I took a walk around the ferry terminal’s immediate neighborhood, crossing a park in which too young children were clambering about on a bandstand and taking turns playing a small but resonant xylophone and doing it very well; climbing the hill above the terminal and enjoying the view over the seawater that surged  beneath pewter skies; looking into the windows of the shops and galleries that lined the roadway; returning to the marina, strolling along the docks, and enjoying the creative and clever names of the boats (among them: “Man Cave, Sea Cave, She Caved,” “Local Motion,” and “Accrewed Interest”).

After a wonderful steak dinner (Walt’s preparation of the meat in the galley caused a successful testing of the ship’s smoke detector!), we all hiked up past the marina offices to a highly recommended ice cream shop that advertised “40 handcrafted flavors” and was open late. We each sampled several kinds and then consumed  large waffle cones filled with cold, creamy sweetness; I chose Mora blackberry and Swiss chocolate (chocolate ice cream laced with dark chocolate shavings, dulce de leche, and chocolate liqueur)–yummmm! With delighted taste buds and full stomachs, and anticipating the 8am beginning of a journey to Blake Island (southwest of Seattle) , we climbed into our beds somewhat early after a very pleasant day.

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