Off we went toward Deception Pass at about 9:30 am after a motionless night in Hunter Bay. There was again no wind, and we needed to charge the boat’s batteries, so we motored under cloudless skies to and under the bridge and through the reversing rapids at Deception Pass, arriving there at about 11:15. We encountered many interesting boats on their way to the rapids and Walt had no difficulty navigating them.IMG_20160812_111907195
By noon, we had arrived at Hope Island (pictured below), where we anchored in a little nook opposite a pretty, driftwood decorated beach, munched a sandwich lunch, and relaxed while Walt had a phone conference with his fellow Scholar Priests’ board members. Hope Island

We spent the afternoon motoring over the blue satin water, watching the ever-changing sea, shores, skies, and passing boats; working on little personal projects and moving around the decks and cabin to find comfortably shady places; spotting a whole candy store of orange-and-cream “jellies” (jellyfish) gliding below the water’s surface; and avoiding a large powerboat whose “pilots” were talking and paying no attention to their excessive speed or closeness to our boat (rather scary!).
I stood at the helm while Walt napped, and by 5:30 we were anchored in the bay beside the town of Freeland on Whidbey Island where the water was as still and smooth as glass. Walt grilled salmon for dinner, we ate around the fold-down table in the cockpit as we had on other warm evenings, and again we played a great game of “Hearts” while watching a lovely sunset spill into and stain the water. While preparing for Saturday’s travel, Walt discovered that his Android smartphone had suddenly died, and he spent several hours trying to resurrect it, to no avail. At last we retired for the night, knowing that Walt would probably have to rise at around 6 am to check the depth of the water in the bay to see if it had reached an unsafe level before an approaching low tide.

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