“WASHED OUT” IN NANAIMO: Sunday, August 7

We left Garden Bay at about 8:30 on Sunday morning after I had had fun using the power windlass to raise the mud-and-shell-encrusted anchor from the bay’s oozy bottom and then getting it to slide itself properly into its “cradle” at the bow of the boat. We motored (there was almost no wind at all), under partly-overcast skies, out of Pender Harbour and down to and across the Strait of Georgia, arriving back in the Nanaimo Yacht Club’s marina at about 2 pm. The sun finally chased away the billowing clouds as we docked, and the afternoon became quite lovely. I did laundry in the Club’s on-shore facility and caught up with my journal-writing, Joy went for a walk along the path near the shore that she’d explored when we were here on July 27, and Walt took a long nap.
After dinner, I lost another game of “Hearts” but the butterscotch/vanilla ice cream sandwiched between graham crackers was a good consolation prize!

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