A REAL VACATION DAY AT LAST: Wednesday, August 3

The soporific singing of the invisible waterfall on the shore behind Braesail sent us off to Slumberland on Tuesday night, and we awoke to cloudy skies, misty cliff tops, and a rain washed boat. At LAST we were able to spend an entire day at anchor on a cool, fragrant day, drinking in the indescribable beauty of the inlet, chatting, reading, napping, playing card and dice games, and savoring delicious meals (grilled salmon and bread/vegetable salad for dinner with coconut ice cream sandwiches for dessert). I spent most of the day sitting in the cockpit, watching the clouds gradually retreating, writing about our adventures, and giving thanks that the boat was secured in such an astonishing place and that we had one another’s companionship to enjoy.

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