We decided to spend another day and night in Nanaimo so that Walt and Martin could continue their projects on the boat. Martin dragged our folding bicycle out of the port lazarette (storage locker), showed me how to ready it for riding and then refold it, and coached me as I climbed on and did figure-eights and circles and practiced starting and stopping in the marina’s petunia-surrounded parking lot, getting used to being on a bike again after over 30 years (yes, my body DID remember . . .)! We ate lunch aboard Braesail, and as the boat work continued, I rode the bike along the pretty trail, lined with wild sweet peas, dill, and blackberries, that skirts the small bay on which the yacht club has its facilities, crossed the bridge over a stream, tried and failed to find a shopping area, and then returned while Joy walked the same trail to some parks. With the most significant boat-related chores accomplished, Walt cooked dinner while Martin motored in the dinghy over to a grocery store to purchase a few provisions. We ended a bright, hot day with good food and a nice night’s sleep.

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