Stuck in Monterey

Yesterday we pulled into Monterey Harbor. We were burning fuel like you wouldn’t believe it, and going very slowly. Oh well.

I picked up Ken Knowles and Paul Blinzer at the San Francisco airport, and brought them back to Snow Shoo. People got a good night’s sleep, and we’ve done a lot of work. Martin and Hans have taped down the forward (v-berth) hatch and we hope it will hold. I spent a fair amount of time with Ken doing what little brothers always wanted to do–locking his big brother into dark places. I went into the two aft lazarettes and we got the latches adjusted so we won’t get water into the lazes. Here’s hoping. Martin made an excellent pizza for lunch. We reprovisioned, returned the car, and have now moved to a bouy in the harbor.

Ken brought the replacement AIS transceiver, and it’s now installed and working. Click this link to find us (whenever we happen to be in range of one of VesselTracker’s recievers): AIS link . You’ll get something like:


We are enjoying watching boats from the Spinnaker Cup come into Monterey Harbor.

Tomorrow, back heading north.

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